baseball project

The lighting of a baseball field is different from the lighting requirements of other fields. The area of a baseball field is 1.6 times that of a football field and its shape is fan-shaped.

The difference between the illumination of the infield and the outfield is very different. Generally speaking, the average illumination of the infield is about 50% higher than that of the outfield.

Therefore, the uniformity of the illuminance in the outfield is a difficult point. It is necessary to consider both the difference in the illuminance between the infield and the outfield, and the illuminance at the interface between the infield and the outfield.




The following table is the summary of the criteria for baseball field:

Level Functions Field Luminance(lux)
Recreation Infield 300
Outfield 200
Amateur game Infield 500
Outfield 300
General game Infield 1000
Outfield 700
Professional game Infield 1500
Outfield 1000



Lighting should be provided to the athletes and spectators who play the baseball game in a place where the glare phenomenon can be minimized.

The layout of the baseball field lighting is divided into infield and outfield, and the uniformity and illuminance are designed to be in proper condition.

In the baseball game, the design is carried out so that the light poles is not positioned in the position where the player’s gaze frequently moves during the movement of the pitching, the batting and the catching.

Typical pole layout for baseball fields is shown as below.

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Post time: May-09-2020